Letter addressed to and from Charlotte Brownlow

Hidden History: Letters from Mother's of Trout Crew

Bowfin Museum

Brownlow was one of the older and more experienced sailors aboard USS Trout. The average age of a WWII submarine skipper was only 32

More than a few enlisted men lied about their age to join the Navy, and some were younger than 17. At 30 years old with 11 years submarine experience, Brownlow may have been seen as an older brother or even a father figure by the men he served with. He was a father at the time of Trout’s loss, married with a young family of his own.

Most of the letters sent to Mrs. Brownlow were from concerned mothers awaiting the return of their sons from duty aboard USS Trout (SS-202).

Mrs. Mollohan wrote:

Dear Mrs. Brownlow; I have enclosed a picture of my son George who was a shipmate of your husband on the Trout. I will greatly appreciate having a picture of your husband if it isn't asking too much. I am praying for the safe return of the Trout crew soon. Thanking you I am.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Hallie Mollohan

Sadly, during her 11th patrol, USS Trout and her crew were reported as presumed lost on April 17, 1944.