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Book, From Fishponds to Warships, Pearl Harbor, a Complete Illustrated History

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Softcover autographed copy of "From Fishponds to Warships, Pearl Harbor, a Complete Illustrated History" by author Allan Seiden. This book features black and white and full color photographs and illustrations to tell the sweeping story of the region's past, from geological origins to fishpond days, through the tense moments before and after the attack, and the years of reflection and repair right up to the present. A valuable resource for anyone interested in Pearl Harbor, it is a colorful work filled with rare photographs documenting the key military figures involved and the intense battle. Wartime posters, advertisements and propaganda are also included, along with a nostalgic look at life in wartime Hawai'i. "From Fishponds to Warships: Pearl Harbor", not only gives a detailed visual account of the catastrophic raid, but it provides a much-needed context for the event, examining the circumstances which brought this once-tranquil lagoon into the national spotlight. 118 pages.