USS Grunion


USS Grunion (SS-216) was a Gato-class submarine that was last heard from on 30 July 1942 off the Aleutian Islands. Before Grunion was lost the crew reported a lot of antisubmarine aircraft in the area but no mention of an attack on them. After that transmission they were not heard from again. Japanese reports made available after the war indicate that no submarine was sunk in the area at the time. Sadly the loss of the Grunion has remained a mystery. A team led by the sons of her commanding officer, LCDR Mannert Lincoln “Jim” Abele, found USS Grunion approximately 10 miles northeast of Kiska in the Aleutian Islands. On 16 August 2006, they discovered a probable submarine wreck, and produced sonar images of it. The vessel shown here lies at a depth of over 2000 feet.

The following year the Abele brothers sent down an unmanned remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and photographed the wreck site. After detailed analysis, the U.S. Navy confirmed the identity of the vessel as USS Grunion.