From Sea to Space

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Lt. Cmdr. Kayla Barron, one of the first women to serve on a Navy submarine, is now one step closer to being one of the first women to walk on the Moon. [...]

Proximity Fuse Advances WWII


Before the Second World War, there were two broad categories of fuses: impact and timed. [...]

VJ Day 1945 Video

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August 14 - 15 1945 mark VJ Day or "Victory Over Japan Day in which the Imperial Japanese surrendered, effectively ending WWII. [...]

History: Naval Tattoos

Bowfin Museum

The art of tattooing has been practiced in early societies worldwide for thousands of years. [...]

Challenge Coins History

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Today, we’ll explore the history of military challenge coins, examine their possible origins and where to purchase your very own USS Bowfin "Pearl Harbor Avenger" Coin. [...]

#BugsBunnyDay & WWII

Bowfin Museum

At the time of WWII, American’s could not escape the global grasp of war which affected almost every aspect of life. [...]

Adm. Nimitz and WWII


Adm. Nimitz played a major role in the naval history of WWII holding the title of both Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas as well as the Commander in Chief, U.S. [...]

National Anthem Day

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From a poem, and a drinking to the lyrics of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Learn more about the National Anthem. [...]

Yalta and The Big Three

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Learn more about the Yalta Conference; code-named “Argonaut” and the "Big Three" [...]