Across the Pacific

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During the interwar years the U.S. Navy pushed the envelope in air travel as they prepared for wartime missions of long-range scouting, especially in the Pacific. Read about the first nonstop formation flight from San Francisco to Hawaii, in January 1934. [...]

Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of Ford Island shortly after the beginning of the Pearl Harbor attack. View looks about east, with the supply depot, submarine base and fuel tank farm in the right center distance. A torpedo has just hit USS West Virginia on the far side of Ford Island (center). Other battleships moored nearby are (from left): Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee (inboard of West Virginia), Oklahoma (torpedoed and listing) alongside Marylan

The Day before the Attack on Pearl Harbor

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On December 6, 1941, a day prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. [...]

President Franklin Roosevelt carves a turkey

WWII & Thanksgiving

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Learn how WWII influenced the date on which Thanksgiving is celebrated. [...]

From Sea to Space

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Lt. Cmdr. Kayla Barron, one of the first women to serve on a Navy submarine, is now one step closer to being one of the first women to walk on the Moon. [...]

Proximity Fuse Advances WWII


Before the Second World War, there were two broad categories of fuses: impact and timed. [...]

VJ Day 1945 Video

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August 14 - 15 1945 mark VJ Day or "Victory Over Japan Day in which the Imperial Japanese surrendered, effectively ending WWII. [...]

History: Naval Tattoos

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The art of tattooing has been practiced in early societies worldwide for thousands of years. [...]

Challenge Coins History

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Today, we’ll explore the history of military challenge coins, examine their possible origins and where to purchase your very own USS Bowfin "Pearl Harbor Avenger" Coin. [...]

#BugsBunnyDay & WWII

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At the time of WWII, American’s could not escape the global grasp of war which affected almost every aspect of life. [...]