Maintaining the Mark V Mod 1 Diving Dress

Bowfin Museum

USS Bowfin’s Museum Curator, Sarah Bellian discusses the maintenance of our Mark V Mod 1 deep sea diving dress or “JAKE” artifact. [...]

#HiddenHistory: USS Bowfin Artifacts

Bowfin Museum

We're sharing a few artifacts found left aboard USS Bowfin after her service. -- These items are not currently on display but are part of our #HiddenHistory series. [...]

Paul Traeger Discusses the Periscope

Guest Blogger

Guest blogger and history buff Paul Traeger discusses the periscope and the important role it played in submarine warefare.  [...]

What Does A Museum Curator Do?

Bowfin Museum

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum curator Sarah Bellain discusses her role as a museum curator. [...]

Fun Fact: Submersible Watch

What time is it? Time to learn about submersible watches.   [...]

How The Royal Navy Helped Make D-Day Possible

Bowfin Museum

Did you know that the Royal Navy’s X-Class midget submarines helped make D-Day possible⁉️  [...]

Aloha From Hawaii

Bowfin Museum

A message from Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau --  Mahalo for understanding that now isn't the time to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Until we can share our home with you, we’ll be sharing aloha.  #ShareAloha  [...]

#HiddenHistory: USS Pogy (SS-266) Photos

Bowfin Museum

We're sharing a few historical photos from the USS Pogy (SS-266) photo album -- These photos are not currently on display but are part of our #HiddenHistory series. [...]

FREE Game - World of Warships

Bowfin Museum

Dive into World of Warships and experience historical naval battles with historically accurate models today! [...]