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The Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum's STEM program focuses on ensuring that all students have access to quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning to prepare them to succeed in college, careers and life. Our mission, to further STEM education for all students, provides a great opportunity to partner with schools and organizations to provide STEM-centered learning experiences including field trips, virtual or in-class instruction opportunities to students.

Our program is aligned with common core and next generation science learning standards. Our sessions align with the state's focus to create equal opportunities for students to access quality STEM learning experiences.

Engage and Inspire

Each session is designed to engage students in an interactive and hands-on approach to connect with real-world STEM concepts that they can see in their day-to-day lives and translate beyond the classroom.

Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum’s STEM program works to inspire students to see themselves in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. We engage students with partnerships with schools, hands-on activities throughout the museum, and a variety of site visits.


Operation STEM Spot
During a visit every child has the chance to join our crew and search for STEM Spots throughout the museum. Each STEM Spot is aligned with exhibits in that area and gives students hands-on interaction and the chance to earn their USS Bowfin pin to show they are qualified STEM Spotters.

Innovation Carts
Our Innovation Carts are always a great opportunity for students to see science in action through staff-led demonstrations and mini-workshops to ignite the imagination!

Homeschool Days
Our once weekly homeschool days feature talks and programs focused on using project-based STEM learning to teach concepts based on the same engineering and science that built the museum’s submarine. This program is appropriate for a range of ages and abilities. Each weekly activity includes a chance to explore various topics through historic artifacts, photographs and demonstrations. Students and their families also get time to explore the museum on their own and go on a self-guided scavenger hunt!

Three-Dimensional Learning

Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum's STEM sessions apply a multi-dimensional approach to instruction that promotes students' ability to investigate, engineer and model concepts to solve problems, think critically and broaden self-perception.

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