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VJ Day 1945 Video

August 14 - 15 1945 mark VJ Day or "Victory Over Japan Day in which the Imperial Japanese surrendered, effectively ending WWII.

Please Enjoy the Shared footage of VJ Day, August 14, 1945 in Honolulu

Adm. Nimitz and WWII

Adm. Nimitz played a major role in the naval history of WWII holding the title of both Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas as well as the Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Trident D5 Missile

Trident D5 Missile

A little behind-the-scenes peek into our museum renovation.

American Flag

History of Veterans Day

This video was made to explain the selfless service and sacrifices of our Veterans to elementary school age children.

Created by Dori Whipple, Joint Munitions Command Rock Island Arsenal, IL; courtesy of DVIDSHUB.NET

Ford Island Hauntings

In the spirit of Halloween we are sharing a few ‘haunted’ experiences on and around Pearl Harbor and Ford Island -- accounts taken from Steve Barton’s “Cold Spots” feature.

Renovation Progress Amid Second Shutdown

Despite the second mandated shutdown on Oahu, we have continued to execute our renovation project. We are happy to inform you that the construction phase of our renovation is complete -- we are now focusing efforts on exhibit installation.

Bowfin Gift Shop's Grand Re-Opening

As part of the $20 million revitalization project, USS Bowfin Submarine & Park’s gift shop was temporarily closed for renovations.