On Eternal Patrol

Submariners Lost in Action

Submarine operations have always been dangerous. During World War II, more than 3600 officers and crew and 52 submarines were lost in the war under the sea. Log on and learn the stories of these lost submariners and the ongoing search to find the 52 submarines in their resting places on the ocean’s floor.
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What Makes A Submarine Tick?

A Fascinating Story of Technology

Submarines are some of the most complicated machines invented. Able to submerge and operate with stealth for months at a time- it has not always been so. Learn how submarines started and the important contributions of scientists and inventors in creating these stealthy submerged weapons and sensor platforms. See the changes from a hand cranked propeller to the nuclear reactor as submarines have truly become “one with the sea!”  Read more...


Taking The War to the Enemy

The Key Role of Submarines in WWII Victory

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, submarines immediately got underway to take the war to the enemy in its home waters. Overcoming several torpedo design problems, overly cautious tactics, and having to develop an entirely new set of wartime attack tactics, our 288 submarines sunk more than 5.5 million tons of enemy shipping. Learn about USS Bowfin's contribution to this exciting and costly victory.  Read more...